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 The Facades of Gods


An Actual Play and Audio Drama Podcast

using The Accelerated Fate System


 What is The Facades of Gods?

It’s that sweet haze that fills your nostrils, the way the dim lighting plays on the water particulate, the piercing smooth sounds of the trumpet being softly blown that beckon you in. A dark place calls to you, welcomes you into its embrace. You toss out the warnings floating round in your head. Your logic fights the grey, primal side of you but it’s losing. A whisper bounces around in your cranium: ”Come to Elysium.” There are things there that the world of man forgot, dismissed, or are too afraid to speak of. It is there that our story makes its home.

In our actual play portion, join Giselle, Clarence, & Officer Jacques as they brave the perils, temptations, and mystery that are hidden within Elysium. in our audio drama portion, follow the clues that detective Ian Thompson & Bea Remington must gather to grasp an understanding of the Facades of Gods.


Audio Submissions


Do you want to guest on an audio drama episode? Here is where you do it!

We currently do not have a need for voice actors, however, we will hold any submissions sent to us for future needs.

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Actual Play Cast


Alex S. : Giselle MacNamara (formerly Harris) ((formerly Pascal))

Crossing her heels for luck, Our Lady of Podcasting has been playing RPGs on and off for 20 years. It can be a bit hard to find a consistent group when you’re six. Alex brings her experience to the table by providing in the box thinking and a paranoia of being careful what you wish for. You may have heard her on other NSR shows as well as Gawain on Firefly Podcast: Suspicious Intentions .

You can follow her on twitter @rollforalex.


Bianca Zelda: Officer Jada Jacques

You may not know this but nearly every recording begins with Bianca’s laugh. They have made an art form out of balancing professionalism and shenanigans! Outside of podcasting you can find them loving on their dogs, posting insta-stories of yummy good, and gettin yoked bruh. You may have heard of a little show called The Broadswords where they play Mépris.

Be sure to follow them on twitter so you don’t miss what their latest project @BiancaZelda.


Ethan Schaff : Clarence

Ethan may be new to podcasting but this isn’t his first RPG rodeo! Be brings more to the table than his Pathfinder experience of course. If you want to talk about comic books and anime he’s your guy! He even makes time for some console gaming every now and again.

You can find him on twitter @etayscha.


Kyle K : Gamemaster and Editor

The creator himself! Kyle has been planning FOG for longer than we want to say. And by planning we mean he can’t stop making NPCs. He has taken on editing despite having no prior experience all so he can bring to life this story for you dear listener. When he isn’t working on the show you can find him cooking quality grub or playing in Pirates of Wildspace as Kit Morédo!

Creep on his twitter @LordKyleK.


Audio Drama Cast


Benji aka BammBamm: Ian Thompson

Working hard or hardly working? It’s hardly work when you have as much fun as BammBamm! There is nothing he can’t turn into a good time for him and his cast mates. Acting has been a life passion for B.B. Ask him about Jim Carrey’s the Grinch sometime. Trust us. You can also find him on our sister show, Soulstory.

You can find him on twitter @HotBamm.


Falcon Heavy: Bea Remington

The glam that fell from heaven herself has taken her first dive into voice acting for our audio drama. Sometimes you can find her brainstorming new ways to organize with our Lady of Podcasting. Sometimes you can find her bringing her A Game to her burlesque troupe The Cigarette Girls Burlesque. No matter what she’s doing you won’t be able to miss her fierce self.

Follow her on twitter @hellofalcon.