No Show Radio

 The Facades of Gods


An Actual Play and Audio Drama Podcast

using The Accelerated Fate System


 What is The Facades of Gods?

It’s that sweet haze that fills your nostrils, the way the dim lighting plays on the water particulate, the piercing smooth sounds of the trumpet being softly blown that beckon you in. A dark place calls to you, welcomes you into its embrace. You toss out the warnings floating round in your head. Your logic fights the grey, primal side of you but it’s losing. A whisper bounces around in your cranium: ”Come to Elysium.” There are things there that the world of man forgot, dismissed, or are too afraid to speak of. It is there that our story makes its home.

In our actual play portion, join Giselle, Clarence, & Officer Jacques as they brave the perils, temptations, and mystery that are hidden within Elysium. in our audio drama portion, follow the clues that detective Ian Thompson & Bea Remington must gather to grasp an understanding of the Facades of Gods.


Our Team


Alex S. : Giselle MacNamara (formerly Harris) ((formerly Pascal))


Bianca Zelda: Officer Jada Jacques


Ethan Schaff : Clarence


Kyle K