Episode 45 The House Chapter 1

On Episode 45: The House Chapter 1, Jared wastes no time in collecting the other Fated with Brecca's life on the line. Rallying the troops with fervor yet seen the trio make way to The Packrat House.They are greeted with a macabre imitation of party decorations in the front yard and it only gets worse inside. Corpses, ghosts, mannequins oh my! The Fated separate to divide and conquer. Little do they know it may be the house that can conquer them.

CONTENT WARNING: The House story arc will be covering topics of familial death, child maltreatment, and mannequins. This has been dubbed the House of Horrors by two separate gaming groups. If you need to take a break, we understand. Please take care of yourself.

Welcome to the last story arc of Soulstory Season 1! Thank you for sticking with us on this adventure. Buckle up, things are about to go wild.

The Packrat House Map <--- CLICK THE HYPERLINK

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