Episode 43 Welcome to the Docile Docents Chapter 3

On Episode 43 Welcome to the Docile Docents Chapter 3: We wrap up our very special guest story arc! The Fated suffer through tea with Enoch as they dive deeper into the lore that is Delilah, Tyrants, and the Docents. Enoch needs time to finalize some plans but otherwise the Fated have agreed to help retrieve Winifred. But first, Barry wants to show off all the things he's learned. The best way to do that is to bring Felix to the Docile Docents compound as proof of Delilah's shenanigans. Things do go as well as Barry would have liked however....

This episode featured Kyle K as our second guest on the show! You can follow him on twitter @LordKyleK. You can also find him on our sister show, The Facades of Gods.

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Alexis Schantz