Episode 40 Welcome to the Docile Docents Prolgoue

On Episode 39: Intermission By Starlight Chapter 3: In an extra long episode, the Fated continue to enjoy some down time. A week passes by as Al, Jared, and Felix enjoy the fruits of their labor. Felix decides to spend his time investigating the odd going ons around town. Al, unable to break his Brilliance habit, bounces between Felix and Jared as he tries to learn what he can. Jared goes shopping and endures a bounty adventure to earn his money back.

Last but not least, we hear from our second guest on the show: Kyle K! Kyle plays Barry Valentine, a member of the growing cult called The Docile Docents. He hears tale of Delilah and seeks to bring her back to the Docent compound. That'll be a piece of cake, I'm sure.

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Alexis Schantz