Clueless Versus Community Repilot

On Episode 8 of our podcast which we definitely recorded after the high of buying new school supplies, Alex and Spencer watching some shows about education! Alex has fond memories of the movie Clueless but has 0 context for the TV show Clueless (1996). Boy aren't we glad she made Spencer watch it when she can't even remember Alicia Silverstone isn't even *in* the TV show. Spencer has pushed and pushed and pushed for Alex to give season 5 of Community (2009) a rewatch. Turns out, she eats foot because season 5 ain't that bad! If the Nielsen Family ratings come in high maybe they will do a classic 'Don't Do Drugs' special. Maybe.

First is a No Show Radio production. Mind your ears as we unpack the unusual.

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Alexis Schantz