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We Hate Pilot episodes and so do We

Excuse the mess while we get our house in order!



How many times have you tried to get your friend to watch your favorite television show only to say, "But you have to watch the next episode." or "Don't judge it off the first episode,”? Here at #first! we know the woes of the pilot episode and lean into it.

With a friendship forged through media consumption, Alex and Spencer kindly request one another to watch the pilot of a show they love. Oh, now's a good time to mention these two will fight over anything. Bringing no experience other than being born into a binging generation to the table, Alex and Spencer evaluate these pilots only to tear them apart. Mostly.


Alex S.

As the world’s worst Kenku, Alex has always had a not so hidden talent for quoting movies and TV shows. It’s an adorable trait, sure, until you realize you have no idea what she’s referencing. Our Lady of Podcasting grew up in the Golden Age of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, often watched whatever was on HBO after school no matter how terrible, and is that friend who has binged that new Netflix show by the end of it’s first day.

”What else am I going to do? Work on Soulstory? Please.”- Alex, probably.


Spencer S.

Born under moonlight, our friendly neighborhood vampire comes out every now and again to share his wisdom with the world. When you can’t go into the daylight what better way is there to spend your time than by watching the shows your producer is yelling at you about? Spencer brings his writing experience and a knack for riling up his co-host to the table. We won’t say his tastes are more refined however his favorite shows look a little less like a shotgun blast.

“Alex didn’t ask me for a quote but if she had I would say that I’m the lucky one to be here.” - Spencer, most definitely.